Montana law authorizes sentencing courts to order offenders to pay victim restitution, supervision fees and other fines and fees. Probation & Parole (P&P) officers are responsible for actively pursuing and monitoring the payment of the amounts owed by offenders. Courts may grant permission for payments to be made within a specified period of time or in specified installments.

When offenders are placed on probation or parole, their P&P officers inform them of their court-ordered financial responsibilities, and work with them to develop a payment schedule. Offenders are expected to make a good faith effort to make full and timely payments. They are also advised of the possible consequences for failing to pay as directed by the court.

Victim restitution

Victim restitution is designed to compensate crime victims for the harm caused by an offender's wrongful acts. The Department of Corrections collects restitution ordered by district courts in felony convictions.

Victims who have questions can review Restitution for crime victims (LINK) or call the Collections Unit at 1-800-801-3478 or (406) 444-6872.

Supervision fees

Supervision fee – Each offender under P&P supervision is required to pay a fee of $120 to $360 per year, based on their status or court order.

Supervision type Offender Status Monthly fee amount
*These fees cannot be paid online; they must be paid by mail.
Standard supervision Includes offenders on conditional release $21
Intensive Supervision Program (ISP) Excludes offenders convicted of a dangerous drug felony offense and placed on ISP instead of in prison $25
Intensive Supervision (ISP) for felony drug conviction. For offenders placed on ISP for a dangerous drug offense instead of being sent to prison (under Section 45-9-202, MCA) No less than $50/month
ISP sanction offenders Offenders placed on ISP as a result of a hearing sanction $21
*Satellite-based monitoring   Actual cost of equipment and services, not to exceed $4,000 a year
*Offenders placed out of state   Fee determined by and paid to supervising state.

How to make a restitution or supervision payment online

  1. Go to and select Department of Corrections Restitution Payments or Supervision Fees from the drop-down menu.
  2. In addition to basic contact and credit card information, you will need to provide:
    • your DOC ID #
    • the district court docket number – DC-XX-XX
    • your probation officer’s name
    • the county you were sentenced in

How to make a restitution or supervision payment by mail

Restitution payments and supervision fees can be mailed to:
DOC Collections Unit
P.O. Box 201350
Helena, MT 59620

All payments must be made with either a money order or cashier’s check that includes:

  • the offender’s name
  • district court docket number – DC-XX-XX
  • the county you were sentenced in

One money order or cashier’s check may be submitted for payment for both restitution and supervision fees; however, you must specify how much money is to go to restitution and how much to supervision fees. If you fail to specify, the entire amount is applied to restitution.

Court-ordered fines and fees are paid to the county clerk of court in the sentencing jurisdiction.

Hardship waiver for offenders without the means to pay

If the court determines that an offender is unable to pay supervision fees due to significant financial hardship, the fee may be reduced or waived. If a reduction in, or waiver of, supervision fees is granted, the P&P officer forwards a signed copy of the Waiver Request to the DOC Collections Unit. Failure to pay supervision fees without securing a hardship waiver is a violation of state law.

Wage garnishment and tax offset

If an offender has income but fails to maintain restitution payments in a timely fashion, the DOC Collections Unit may pursue wage garnishment and/or tax refunds, and tribal per capita payments.

Offenders have the option of requesting a voluntary wage garnishment or tax offset by contacting their P&P officer or the Collections Unit directly at (800) 801-3478.