Montana Department of Corrections

Montana Department of Corrections

Youth Community Corrections

The Youth Community Corrections includes twelve Youth Parole Officers throughout Montana, working in five regions and two Youth Reentry Aftercare Coordinators located in the secure care facilities and one Transportation Officer. Staff members at the youth correctional facilities work closely with the Reentry Aftercare Coordinators and Juvenile Parole Officers to begin placement planning within the first month of intake. The vast majority of youth at correctional facilities qualify for services developed under the Reentry Initiative such as Guide Homes, licensed foster care, mentoring, out-patient mental health and/or chemical dependency treatment, follow up medical services, job placement, education, and spiritual support.

The enhanced, focused ability to provide these services as wrap-around community support has improved the success of the youth leaving correctional facilities. Several other states have sought to mirror elements of our program, especially the Guide Home program and the mentoring program. The transition and wrap around services allow youth to access a variety of services in the community, furthering the youth’s success and decreasing revocation back to secure care facilities.

While youth are on parole, families are involved in several ways. The aftercare coordinators begin this effort while youth are in the correctional facility by setting up ‘family integration and commitment meetings’ for family members to visit their child in the correctional facility. The families also are able to participate in Vision Net visits with their children when they are placed in a correctional facility or otherwise placed outside the family home. Parents, when possible, and youth are involved in orientation to parole supervision including the continued treatment plan, parole agreement specifications, and grievance procedures. When possible, parents are members of the community support team for each youth on parole.

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